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You're not the only introvert who struggles with:

  • Managing their time and energy
  • Ups and downs
  • Taking on too much and not getting enough rest
  • Balancing energy and output
  • It’s been hard this year to get enough quiet time for focused work because my spouse and dog are always here with me
  • Overcommitting to work, and then conversely not being able to concentrate due to stress and burn out, making the work burden even heavier

What would it be like if you didn’t feel tired all the time? If you could feel satisfied with your work and energized at the end of your day?

This course will run for the very last time

I had a number of "aha" moments

It’s quite common to feel like you just don’t have enough time or energy to achieve the things you want

This is not a one-size fits all course

This is NOT a one-size fits all course. You'll get a the strategy and introvert-friendly support you need to create a personal energy toolkit that works, no matter how life changes

This course will run for the very last time

Tailored to your unique needs

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Lesson 1

We often think that lack of time is the biggest barrier to doing the things we want. For introverts especially, a bigger problem is lack of energy. In this lesson, we'll talk about how introverts spend and regain energy and why focusing on energy is more effective for introverts to be productive.

Lesson 2

To keep your energy up as an introvert, you need to recharge yourself regularly. In this lesson, we'll talk about the 3 pillars of both physical and mental energy. In the rest of the course, we'll focus on how to mentally recharge throughout the day. 

Lesson 3

If we want to achieve the things we want, we need to be deliberate with how we spend our energy. When we spend our energy on the few things that are most important to us, we make more progress toward our goals and we feel more fulfilled and energized. In this lesson, we'll talk about how you can discover and keep an eye what is most important to YOU. 

Lesson 4

A lot of introverts feel guilty for taking time off. We've been taught that being busy is a good thing and that resting isn't the most "useful" way to spend our time. But: self-care and quiet time is an essential need for most introverts because of how we process the world. In this lesson, we'll talk about how to recharge yourself throughout the day with small steps you can take today. 

Lesson 5

Energy is one of our most important assets and it is limited on a day to day basis. By setting boundaries around our energy, we decide what we spend our energy on - and by extension our time. In this lesson, we'll talk about how to set energy boundaries around the things that matter to you and how you can communicate your boundaries to those around you in a caring way.

Lesson 6

A lot of introverts feel like they're constantly overthinking things. They feel like it leads them to miss good opportunities or that they struggle to take action. In this lesson we'll talk about why self-reflection is one of the secret superpowers of introverts and how to become more effective by making space for your self-reflective nature.

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This course will run for the very last time

Look at who YOU are and what YOU want to achieve

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Get access to 6-weeks of course content + 90 days introvert friendly support for less than a cup of coffee a day

This course will run for the very last time
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This course will run for the very last time


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This course will run for the very last time